True meaning of ISIS

Written by Ylona Van Toor

ware betekenis van isis

Something to think about… The Abyss, this 3D construct, is run by man driven energy… Which is Draco, Reptilian & Syrian Anunnaki driven. I found out that this timeline is a prison timeline on it’s own, and NO it’s less for the good humans in it who are almost all the 7,5 billion mind controlled and or involuntarily hosting entities, or just mind manipulated souls.

But rather for the malevolent aliens (who’s DNA have different lower frequencies) who still roam this galaxy with malevolent and destructive intentions, and who also reside on this planet, but less longer than expect.

They fear us humans, for a good reason, we’re actually much stronger than they’ll ever be, because we’re light source energy, which has the highest frequency in the cosmos. El is chi energy, so this represents our astral light bodies.

And we have lots of metaphysical gifts, they will never possess due to the fact they refuse to become into a higher vibratory mindset, this implies, you can only use your gifts with your own free will, if you’re kind and good and loving, always. 😍

This prison timeline which is separated from the other ones, will be over soon, due to the fact the other original “main” timeline is already experiencing higher global consciousness and there is no PPAI (1), and all the awakened people there, who are meditating there every day, so they’re pushing themselves individually to become awakened here. So quit worrying and start thinking positive…

Isis is the goddess of 💛 nature, magic and fertility.
That’s why they called the Illuminati’s elite’s army ISIS. 🤓

To start hating the name on it’s own, which represents Divine Feminine Energy.

It’s all abracadabra after all, here in the Abyss, we create reality in our subconscious and due to speech and thought. And because everything’s upside down here for a reason, people will get to understand why this is done, one day soon! 💖

My advice, be kind and loving, keep your vibes up, make beautiful memories, but also refuse to take their mind control shit!

(1) Pathogenic Predatory Artificial Intelligence, and it’s originally has been made by us, to imprison the negative races.  We’re all happy and experiencing life in another timeline, without their evil bullshit, I’m a goldsmith there, and happy with my kids and my 2 men and woman, because we experience love differently there, it’s like the people on the Pleiades experience. And also like many people do in the 5D, polyamory instead of inflicted monogamy which always works out bad, in this dimension. It’s to purify certain bloodlines and emotional turmoil. Due to mind control and manipulation with evil intentions, it’s called alien love bite, google it, many empaths experienced this in their love life, it’s for energy harvesting, their negative agenda. Since we’re lovers, we’re light beings, we’re only fighters, if necessary, that’s why we’re trained super soldiers, we’re all warriors for a reason! 🙂

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